12 Cheesiest Death Scenes In Movie History

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There have been some really memorable films over the years, some are absolutely fantastic and need to be preserved for future generations and others…. well, not so much. For some films the only thing that’s truly memorable is how tremendously badly they are and nothing shows off the worst of a schlocky film than it’s death scenes.

The Ball Buster – ‘Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow’ (1978)

Have you ever been hit in the balls so hard that you fall over and die? Apparently somebody must have been for anyone to think this was a plausible way to kill off a character.


Oh Well, Time For Me To Die – ‘Enter The Ninja’ (1981)

The forced and drawn out death scream was bad enough but to really top off this incredibly silly death halfway down the villain, Venarius, gives a completely random and oddly hilarious shrug.


Just Die Already – ‘Kareteci Kiz’ [Eng: Karate Girl] (1973)


Riddled with continuity errors with no attempts at special effects (unless that moustache counts), this Turkish film probably has one of the worst acted and shot death scenes of all time.


Mister Miyagi’s LSD Trip – ‘King Cobra’ (1999)

Pat Morita gets a trippy and unfortunate death in this straight to video monster movie. The weird thing is we don’t actually see him die as such, just lots of trippy spinning and a snake lunging, who knows, it might be a monster snake with LSD instead of venom.


This Acting Is Truly Terrible – ‘Troll 2′ (1990)

The costumes are bad, the acting is worse and this scene is just so ridiculously drawn out that it kind of makes you want to hop in there with a shovel and finish them all off so you don’t have to sit through any more.


The Terror Of The Derp – ‘Shark Attack 3: Megalodon’ (2002)

Here we see a group of rich people with less survival skills than the average tomato pretty much feed themselves to a magically size changing shark. This is probably some of the worst SyFy channel garbage ever to be released and I’ve seen Dino Croc Vs. Super Gator!


WTF Suicide Bomber – ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ (1986)

Was this supposed to take out everyone else too? This is probably one of the weirdest scenes from a film full to the brim with hilarious WTF moments.


A Death That Would Make The Three Stooges Proud – ‘Siam Sunset’ (1999)

This is a film full of oddly contrived accidents, it’s sort of ‘Final Destination’ meets ‘The Three Stooges’ via ‘True Romance’. This scene is pretty funny in a dark sort of way.


Death By Screaming Tumor – ‘Basket Case’ (1982)

Seriously, that thing killed someone? There are bigger dogs than that which pose less of a threat.


The Dance Of Death – ‘A Rota Do Brilho’ [Eng: The Route Of Coke] (1990)

Is it just me or does this guy seem to want to dance his way down to the floor? It’s certainly not effect we expect gunshots to have.


This Is Not Psychologically Normal Behaviour – ‘Serial Killing 4 Dummys’ (2004)

Do you know what just went on here because I’m a little lost. There is absolutely no part of that which made much sense and even worse, the CGI and acting make it even more ridiculous.


How Not To Make A Death Scene – ‘The Boogey Man’ (1980)

This last one is short, stupid and a little annoying. Kind of like the kid in this scene really.


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