2011 Halloween Costume Buying Trends [U.S.]

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According to a recent report issued by the National Retail Federation, Americans will be buying Halloween costumes and other related paraphernalia in their droves this year. Average total spend per citizen for the holiday period is expected to reach $72.31, of which costumes will contribute $26.52, candy [sweets] $21.05, decorations $19.79, and greetings cards $4.96. This total average spend figure represents an increase of 8.44% from 2010, and 32.96% from 2005. Overall the NRF predicts 161 million Americans to participate in the spooky holiday this year, which will generate $6.86 billion revenue for the industry. Adult costumes will receive the lion’s share of costume spend at $1.21 billion, followed by children’s and pet costumes at $1 billion and $310 million, respectively. Those celebrating are also expected to engage more with traditional activities such as dressing up, attending a party, trick or treating, and decorating their house.

Average spend per person has increased 32.96% since 2005.

With the unemployment rate remaining stubbornly high, and as the economy teeters ever closer to another recession, many analysts had previously forecast that sales figures of products relating to frivolous activities such as Halloween would slump, so this report arrived as a welcome surprise. It is believed that a lot of Americans are looking for a way to blow off some steam and treat themselves after many months of living frugally in reaction to the continual stream of bad economic news emitting from TV and newspapers. Despite this overall positive feedback one third of consumers polled for this report admitted that the state of the economy will impact their purchasing decisions this year, as a result they will either reduce their spend on Halloween products, or not buy any at all.

As a clear sign of the times, recent popular trends have heavily influenced the top ten most purchased Halloween costumes, of which Charlie Sheen is top. The formerTwo and a Half Men” star catapulted himself into the limelight this year because of his numerous evenings of debauchery, which were fuelled by excessive amounts of money, drugs, and alcohol. Also in the top ten are Angry Birds, Lady Gaga, Smurfs, Vampires, and superheroes such as Green Lantern, Captain America, and Thor. All of these except Angry Birds and Lady Gaga had their own theatrical releases this year, with vampires attracting their share of exceptional interest as a result of the upcoming 4th instalment in the Twilight franchise, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1″.



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