5 Awesome Things For Mario Fans

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If you’re of a certain age then it might surprise you to realise that the original Super Mario Bros. game was released way back in 1985, but it probably won’t surprise you that it has entertained gamers the world over since then, selling over 40 million copies worldwide and maintaining a position as the best selling game of all time until its eclipse by Wii Sports in 2009. As well as putting Nintendo firmly on the map as a games console giant, the game spawned several successful follow ups as well as a merchandising empire which has ensured that everyone’s favourite brotherly plumbers and their supporting characters have rooted themselves firmly in the pop culture landscape. If you’re a Mario maniac, you’ll no doubt have all of the console games from the franchise, but there are a few cool rarities that you might want to get your hands on in order to bolster your collection:

1) Hotel Mario

Firstly, you should head off to eBay in order to grab a rare copy of Hotel Mario. This unique game was released for the doomed Philips CD-i console in 1994 and is therefore one of the Mario gang’s rare outings away from their Nintendo heartland. The aim of the game is for Mario and Luigi to rescue Princess Peach from one of seven hotels where she is being held by Bowser and the Koopalings. Although it’s not regarded as a classic in the Mario canon, it is nevertheless a rare collector’s item.


2) Mario Kart Go!

If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming about how Mario and his nemesis Wario fare in Formula 1, then the Mario Kart Go! racing game allows you and a friend to race head-to-head as Mario in his iconic B Dasher and Wario in his powerful Brute car. Make some space on your living room floor for the twisting track and get your digits at the ready on the trigger speed gun controllers and you’ll have some rare real-life fun with this sensationally speedy game.


3) Mushroom Lamp

Meanwhile, if you’ve always thought that Mario was a fun guy, then you should make room for a magical USB Mario Mushroom Lamp beside your laptop. Available in red or green, these little lamps will let you power up just like Super Mario whilst you’re working away into the wee hours of the night.


4) Official Mario Costume

All dedicated and discerning Mario fans have a Super Mario fancy dress costume hanging in their wardrobes, ready to be donned whenever a fancy dress party invitation drops through their letter boxes, and if you don’t own one then it’s high time you did!  Furthermore, it’s always fun to pop down to the shops or for a pub lunch dressed in Mario’s distinctive blue plumber’s overalls, red top, red hat and suave moustache.


5) Super Mario Bros. Converse Shoes 

If you find yourself in Japan in about a month’s time, you can get your hands on a pair of awesome Converse One Star trainers which are available in either white or black leather with Mario-inspired yellow invincibility stars taking pride of place in the prerequisite cut-out one star section and Mario sprites adorning the heels. Keep your eyes peeled for a release of these cool Mario kicks in the UK.


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