Miss Scotland Finalists Run In Fancy Dress

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Miss Scotland finalists donned fancy dress earlier this week to run the final mile of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Edinburgh. The charity event which took place over the weekend takes place all over the world with over half a million participants each year. The Edinburgh event raised money for a host of charities including the Make a Wish Foundation charity, Alzheimer Scotland and Friends of the Earth Scotland among others.

The Miss Scotland Finalists wore a bright and fancy range of outfits assimilating rock stars from several decades including Madonna and rock legends KISS. Current Miss Scotland Jennifer Reoch was there to cheer along the current finalists who were raising money for the Miss Scotland Tiara Appeal. The appeal set up by Jennifer has pledged to raise £100,000 for clinical trials by conquering Kilimanjaro earlier this year. She has received support from a host of celebrities Read More…

Students Complete Record 10k Athletics Race Dressed As Camel

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Two students from the University of Manchester have set a Guinness World Record after competing in the Isle of Man Easter Athletics Festival. Laurie Luscombe and Rob Szczepaniak-Slone of Liverpool and Canterbury respectively, who attend the same University and study on a PGCE course completed the run in 40 minutes and 18 seconds, beating the previous record by 16 seconds. What makes the achievement most impressive is that the pair were dressed in a camel costume meaning that one of the pair formed the head of the camel and the other the rear end!

The idea which originated in the pub saw the pair endure hot and sweaty conditions as well as struggling to see the course as they sped to the finish. The camel costume, consisting of orange coloured skin covered the pair from head to toe with the rear end runner having to run in a compromising position seeing as they don’t share the same qualities as a camel for heat reduction and stamina. Luckily for the pair, they powered to the end in record time. The pair were congratulated and presented with their achievement by veteran Read More…

Alan Davies Causes Upset With Fancy Dress Tweet

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Comedian Alan Davies has caused widespread upset after making comments about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. The comedian has further upset Liverpool fans and players by tweeting that he should go out in Scouser fancy dress costume to avoid being recognised in light of his comments.

Davies was appearing on a podcast discussing upcoming football fixtures and had argued that it was unfair that Liverpool should be allowed to opt out of playing on April 15th – the anniversary of the 1989 tragedy. Arguing that the arrangement was unfair on clubs such as Chelsea. Arsenal supporter Davies went on to argue that other clubs have continued to play on dates that were anniversaries of tragedies. Manchester United’s decision to play on the anniversary of the Munich Air Crash being one example he gave.

The Hillsborough disaster saw the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans and hundreds more Read More…

Students Invade Spanish Town In Fancy Dress

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The Costa Dorada resort of Salou is home to the annual Saloufest; which is promoted by organisers ilovetour.co.uk as ‘the biggest and best university sports tour available for British and Irish University students’ (which to many members of the local citizenry equates to a drunken rampage through the streets after which costumed students leave trails of litter and all sorts of bodily material in their wake!) A group of around 5000 students arrived in the resort at the beginning of the month for the first round of the 5-day carnival after braving a 30 hour coach trip from the UK and roughly another 4000 students will arrive today for the next round.

Whilst some locals berate the outrageous behaviour of students, local supermarket operators and bar owners are more than happy to service their thirst for all things alcoholic and for better or worse Read More…

Titanic Memorial Travellers Dress Up In Period Costumes

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Over 1300 passengers from 28 countries set sail on Sunday aboard the MS Balmoral for a 12-Day Titanic memorial cruise in which the modern ship will precisely re-trace the ill-fated route of its predecessor which sank tragically exactly 100 years ago. Some of the passengers are direct descendants of the infamous ship’s survivors; such as Philip Littlejohn, grandson of the first class steward of the Titanic Alexander James Littlejohn, hence tour organiser Miles Morgan has insisted that he is especially conscious of the fact that the cruise should be a memorial rather than a celebration and will include on-board lectures, authentic food from the period and respectful memorial services on the 14th and 15th of April, to respectively pay tribute to the moments that the ship hit an iceberg and finally sank.

Of approximately 2,223 passengers on board the ship, only 711 survived and in a cruel testimony to the divisive nature of the contemporary British class system which existed at sea as well as on land, the Third Class contingent suffered the greatest losses; with only 174 survivors from Read More…

Jesus Rises As Batman In Easter Play

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Enthusiastic members of the congregation at Winnipeg’s evangelical Church of the Rock were treated to an alternative version of the familiar seasonal tale of Christ’s Resurrection; as the cast of the play organised by Pastor Mark Hughes dressed as characters from ‘Batman’ with the resurrected Christ represented by none other than the Caped Crusader himself!

Batman’s sidekick Robin also appeared in the slightly surreal performance, as did super-villains The Joker and The Riddler and (at least according to Pastor Hughes!), the Batman mythology provides the perfect modern parable for representing Christ’s Resurrection Read More…

Team GB Kit Unveiled

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With just over 3 months to go until London hosts the 2012 Olympics, it has been with excitement and anticipation that Team GB’s official Olympic kit has been revealed. The kit, which has been designed by world famous fashion designer Stella McCartney in conjunction with Adidas, features a uniquely different design consisting of a blue and turquoise adaption of the British Union Flag on top of a white and dark blue base. With several versions revealed depending on the event, the kit certainly looks unique.

With the kit being worn by more than 900 Team GB athletes and team members, it is sure to be noticed both at the event and on screen over the duration of the games. With Read More…

Cops Use Bunny Costume To Enforce Safety Law

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Motorists driving down Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Florida last Wednesday were surprised to see a giant Easter Bunny carrying a pink neon sign accompanied by a slightly downtrodden man, both walking along the side of the road and waving to motorists. However, upon closer inspection, the sign bore the legend “Have a safe, hoppy holiday. Buckle Up!’ and this safety message revealed the source of the fancy dress costume escapade.

In fact, the bunny and his companion were West Palm Beach police officers contributing to the ‘Click it or Ticket’ road safety campaign and unbeknown to motorists who were bemusedly smiling and waving, the two were signalling to fellow officer stationed nearby whenever Read More…

Fancy Dress Thief Faces Jail

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Thankfully, the vast majority of us use fancy dress costumes, props and accessories for their intended purpose of allowing us to escape everyday reality and assume alternative personas during fantastically fun fancy dress parties. However, serial robber Martin Reilly, who was today sentenced to life in jail at Brighton Crown Court for a string of robberies at bookmaker’s shops, used the potential of fancy dress disguises in a far more maleficent manner.

Reilly donned various disguises to hide distinctive facial scarring during robberies all over England with wigs, false beards, moustaches and masks all utilised to deadly effect, but his most iconic disguise was definitely that of a Vegas-era Elvis Presley complete with Read More…

Iconic Movie Costumes Go Under The Hammer

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Some iconic pieces of Hollywood history went up for sale over the weekend of March 31st- April 1st; in an auction by Beverley Hills based celebrity auction house Julien’s. Amongst the amazing items up for sale were Charlie Chaplin’s bamboo cane, which sold for $42,000, his bowler hat, which was snapped up for $58,000, a Christopher Reeve Superman costume from ‘Superman IV: The Quest for Peace’, and a complete Caped Crusader costume from ‘Batman Returns’ .

Meanwhile, a Catherine Walker gown designed for and worn by Princess Diana was also up for grabs, as was a vintage Christian Dior dress once worn by Princess Grace of Read More…