Fancy Dress Thief Faces Jail

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Thankfully, the vast majority of us use fancy dress costumes, props and accessories for their intended purpose of allowing us to escape everyday reality and assume alternative personas during fantastically fun fancy dress parties. However, serial robber Martin Reilly, who was today sentenced to life in jail at Brighton Crown Court for a string of robberies at bookmaker’s shops, used the potential of fancy dress disguises in a far more maleficent manner.

Reilly donned various disguises to hide distinctive facial scarring during robberies all over England with wigs, false beards, moustaches and masks all utilised to deadly effect, but his most iconic disguise was definitely that of a Vegas-era Elvis Presley complete with black Elvis wig, large sideburns and aviator sunglasses. His various victims can hopefully sleep more soundly tonight in the knowledge that he will most definitely be ‘lonesome tonight’ and every subsequent evening for at least 12 years!

We would definitely dissuade anyone from following in Reilly’s infamous footsteps and sullying the good name of fancy dress through adopting costumes for criminal pursuits but any Elvis fans who want to portray peaceable versions of The King for fancy dress purposes can don a delightful white Elvis costume consisting of a white jumpsuit with open collar and flared trousers decorated with sparkling rhinestone jewels. Add a matching belt, an iconic black Elvis wig and a set of super aviator shades and you’re ready to belt out hits such as ‘Always on My Mind’ whilst karate-kicking to your heart’s content! Meanwhile, female Elvis fans can get in on the act by slipping into a gorgeous white viva Las Vegas costume which includes a white mini dress with low-cut bodice section and stand-up collar, white and gold belt and multicoloured rhinestone detailing and a ravishing red cape. The costume can be completed with a pair of sexy white fishnet stockings and white thigh high boots, a swept-over hairstyle and a set of gold aviator glasses and definitely looks kitsch and sassy. However, male fancy dress fans who want to wear the type of costume which might be a closer approximation to the ensemble Martin Reilly will be wearing every day for some time to come might like to dress up in a magnificent male prisoner costume featuring striped black and white trousers, black and white striped top with drawstring neck closure and jail ID number, black and white pillbox hat and black ball and chain attached to the ankle!

Fancy dress is all about fun, so please ensure that, unlike Martin Reilly, you always don any classic costume in the spirit of unity and frivolity!

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