Madonna Dazzles Super Bowl Fans With Ancient Rome Inspired Gold Costume

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The Super Bowl is traditionally billed as the greatest show on Earth and is not only a premium slice of apple pie Americana that inspires a religious devotion on that special Sunday each year, but also enjoys a huge global audience. Super Bowl advertisement slots are therefore notoriously expensive and being asked to perform during the half-time entertainment slot is most definitely a coveted honour for any performer.

This year [5th February] the privilege fell on the capable shoulders of chameleonic Queen of Pop Madonna, who entered the arena in typically understated style atop a glittering gold throne drawn by a phalanx of Spartan warriors to the strains of her hit single ”Vogue”.  The Material Girl’s outfit was a unique blend of Grecian and Roman designs, with a suitably regal, edgy and elegant golden horned headpiece, tight black top with gilded armbands and gold leaf cape, beautifully decorated black and gold tasselled belt and thigh high black boots. Her backing dancers also looked fantastic in costumes which combined the camp fantasy styles of movies such as Flash Gordon and Barbarella with unmistakable stylistic references to classical epics such as Ben Hur and 300. Madonna’s brilliant bejewelled costume definitely didn’t weigh her down as she shook her bullion backed booty in a manner which definitely thrilled the crowd.

Next came a mash-up of her hit song “Music”, where she was joined on stage by Adidas clad b-boy break-dancers and members of LMFAO dressed in creative costumes which matched animal prints with Spartan styles and rocker attitude: if you can picture the result of outfits garnered from jumble sale where members of KISS, 80s wrestlers The Legion of Doom and the cast of Spartacus have donated the clothes then you have hit the nail on the head!

Subsequently, Her Madgesty ramped up the performance by debuting her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin” accompanied by a cast of cosmic cheerleaders, Nicki Minaj, who wore a blonde wig, red bodice and slinky leather skirt and MIA, who looked stunning in an outfit that combined a cheerleader-inspired apron with a beautiful decorative headdress and thigh high black boots in a style which meshed Ancient Babylonian splendour with candy apple High School Musical couture. The audience barely had time to draw breath before Madonna broke into her heavenly hit “Like a Prayer”, accompanied by a full gospel choir and a soulful Cee-Lo dressed like a supercharged Rev Al Green in a long black sparking robe and sunglasses. Finally, guests who didn’t find themselves shocked into sensory overload by this bombastic performance managed to report that the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17.


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