Marvel Vs. DC At The U.S. Box Office [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Which is better Marvel or DC comics? This is one of the oldest and most well known ongoing arguments among comic book fans. We thought we’d take another look at this debate by comparing both of their movie performances at the U.S. box office over the last fifty years and totaling up the dollar receipts on a 2012 inflation adjusted basis. But depending on how you look at it, either of them could be determined triumphant in this analysis as one of them has taken more in total at the box office, while the other has taken more on average per movie.

And here it is, all of the mainstream character movies of both Marvel & DC at the U.S. box office since Batman ‘The Movie’ was first released in 1966.

Header graphic by Ryan Dunlavey. Click here to view his portfolio.

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4 Comments on “Marvel Vs. DC At The U.S. Box Office [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. 1: Adam said at 4:36 am on September 27th, 2012:

    Not to nitpick, but you left off the original Dolph Lundgrin Punisher movie.

    There were also a couple of Captain America movies, though one was before they were called Marvel, and the other was straight to video.

  2. 2: Andrew Liberty said at 1:39 pm on September 27th, 2012:

    What a genius idea for an infographic! There are geeks around the world (such as I) that have argued about Marvel vs DC for years…and now there is an answer lol

  3. 3: fnord12 said at 2:59 pm on October 3rd, 2012:

    What, Swamp Thing and Man-Thing aren’t mainstream? ;-)

  4. 4: Nick said at 4:25 pm on October 3rd, 2012:


    Punisher was never theatrically released in the United States so it wouldn’t count here.

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm does seem to have been skipped however.

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