Students Invade Spanish Town In Fancy Dress

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The Costa Dorada resort of Salou is home to the annual Saloufest; which is promoted by organisers as ‘the biggest and best university sports tour available for British and Irish University students’ (which to many members of the local citizenry equates to a drunken rampage through the streets after which costumed students leave trails of litter and all sorts of bodily material in their wake!) A group of around 5000 students arrived in the resort at the beginning of the month for the first round of the 5-day carnival after braving a 30 hour coach trip from the UK and roughly another 4000 students will arrive today for the next round.

Whilst some locals berate the outrageous behaviour of students, local supermarket operators and bar owners are more than happy to service their thirst for all things alcoholic and for better or worse, Saloufest definitely injects much-needed income into the local economy and indeed, some students cite the cheap local booze as a major impetus for their temporary flight to sunnier climes, with rising alcohol prices in the UK making inebriated weekends at home far too expensive. Saloufest definitely looks like a lot of fun for that majority of revellers who want to have fun whilst respecting the resort’s inhabitants and remembering to balance their partying with the sports aspect of the event and there are definitely certainly some excellent fancy dress costumes in evidence this year.

If you fancy attending Saloufest this year or next year and are seeking some fancy dress inspiration, then there are several costumes which might whet your appetite. For example, ladies who want to fly the patriotic flag might like to don an iconic Ginger Spice Union Jack mini dress and ginger wig. This retro girl power ensemble is sure to make you feel confident and draw a few admiring glances! Alternatively, if you want to choose something a little different, then why not dress as a nun in black and white habit, black hood and crucifix and bless all of the partygoers you encounter? Meanwhile, males with a sense of humour can embrace the party spirit by donning a 2nd Skin in a variety of designs including Union Jack, tuxedo, English flag and camouflage or alternatively, don a brilliant Baywatch lifeguard costume with iconic red shorts and muscle chest section- but remember to practice your mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when wearing this ensemble! Finally, 118 118 retro moustachioed marathon runner and coach kits are always popular for these types of events and will definitely raise a few smiles amongst beer-soaked fellow revellers.

If you’re attending Saloufest, there are plenty of fantastic fancy dress options to choose from, but please stay safe whilst you party and confine any personal ablutions to official conveniences or your own apartment!

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