Aliens Come Out On Top In ‘What Do You Believe Exists’ Survey

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We have been busy here at HQ conducting a survey in which we asked 1,095 respondents to declare to what extent, if any, they believe certain religious figures, scientific beings and mythical creatures exist. Respondents were asked to select one of three answers; 1) ‘Definitely Exists’, 2) ‘Possibly Exists’ or 3) ‘Doesn’t Exist’ for God, Jesus, Satan, the Grim Reaper, Ghosts, Aliens [Extra-Terrestrial Life], Time Travellers, Faires, Witches, and Vampires. So it is with great delight that we are now able to announce the results of our ‘What Do You Believe Exists’ survey.

Out in first place with an extremely favourable result is ‘Aliens’ which received 45.7% ‘Definitely Exist’ responses and ’41.4% ‘Possibly Exist’ responses, meaning that only 12.9% of respondents believe that Earth is alone in the universe in terms of life. ‘Jesus’ received the second most favourable result with 46% ’Definitely Exist’ responses and 27.6% ’Possibly Exist’ responses; which is interesting as it received more favourable results than ‘God’ in third place which received 41.7% ’Definitely Exist’ responses and 25.7% ’Possibly Exist’ responses.

Others that received surprisingly favourable responses were ‘Ghosts’ with 33.7% and 39.8% ‘Definitely Exist’ and ‘Possibly Exist’ responses, respectively, and ‘Witches’ which received 25.4% ’Definitely Exist’ responses and 24.6% ’Possibly Exist’ responses. Other mythical creatures such as ‘Vampires’, ‘Fairies’ and the ‘Grim Reaper’ did not fair so well with over 70% of respondents declaring that they do not believe any of them exist.

While studying the data collected we noticed that there were clear trends in respondents favouring either scientific theory such as aliens and time travellers or religious figures such as God and Satan. For example, respondents who believed in the existence of ‘God’ were more likely to believe in the existence of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Satan’ but less likely to believe in the existence of ‘Extra-terrestrial Life’. While those that believed in the existence of ‘Extra-terrestrial Life’ were more likely to believe in the existence of ‘Time Travellers’ but less likely to believe in ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’.

It is also worth deliberating to what extent current affairs such as NASA’s ongoing search for life on Mars with its Rover Exploration project and reality TV shows such as ‘Ghost Hunters’ alter perceptions of the paranormal. Popular culture and the advancement of science have for a long time been entwined in a process that has played a defining role in moulding society’s understanding of the universe in which it exists; so it would seem that the saturation of science-fiction and science theory in books, newspaper articles, films and documentaries over the last few decades has clearly had a positive impact on public sentiment towards the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

For a detailed look, please find the complete set of survey results here.


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